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Talaash...the search

Talaash...the search Founded in 1999, in Lucknow, Talaash make the most intimate music. The voices of Aneeta, Rahul and Sanjay are the perfect blend together, adorned by only light, rhythmic acoustic guitar, sometimes backed up with some light pre recorded percussions.
The music of Talaash takes the audience beyond the realm of listening. The music forces one to imagine, and walk around in a world where imagination weds cherished memories. Squashing all limits the heart refuses to respect the difference between the real and the illusion. Finally, the mind and the soul are left searching... trying to recollect when it crossed over, when it moved on, where the senses lost themselves? Talaash...the search.

The Band is driven by its quest for bringing to life the long lost joy of listening to honest music. The songs have simple and expressive lyrics carefully put to music, many a times reflecting the innermost, even secret nuances of poetic creation.... Their songs are profound, a complete, meaningful statement.

Talaash is empanelled with the Indian Council for Cultural Relation's (ICCR) Reference Panel of Artists in Light Music/ Instrumental. Besides performing for the Horizon Series of the ICCR's Regional offices at Lucknow, New Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. Talaash has twice been sent abroad by the council; first to Afghanistan in March,2008 for the Mazar-e-Sharif International Music Festival and again to participate in the Indian Cultural Week at Cairo (Egypt) in September,2010.

Talaash is Rahul Srivastava on guitar; Aneeta on lead vocals; Sanjay Pathak on bass guitar and lead vocals and Rittesh, the compere

Talaash will be performing at GALF 2019 at 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm on Friday, 6th December 2019 at Laran Lawns, ICG. The performance will be free and open to general public. However those interested will have to their collect complimentary passes from ICG Programmes Department (available after 20 November).