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Dear Nandini,

Congratulations for having organised a Literary Festival so full and varied in such a short time. I am sorry I have not been able to come today, nor will I tomorrow because of a virus which I need to get rid of before I leave on Wednesday. But I will surely be there on 14th evening.

The Centre needed someone like you to get things going and make it a creative hub . Best wishes for next year and always.

As ever

Maria Couto.

Dear Nandini, Arjun and Bhai,

I have been amply thanked and congratulated for my part in organizing the 1st Goa Litfest - but no one knows better than me how much of a team effort it was in every way.

In fact, each of you was essential. And I am especially grateful that we were able to work productively without melodrama. Across the days, we held extraordinarily high-quality intellectual events for several hours per day, but there was very little fuss about it. I think that is a testimony to real synergy, and bodes very well for a lasting and fruitful association.

On behalf of Goa Writers, I must express specific appreciation for Arjun's quiet effectiveness throughout, and especially Nandini's sophisticated vision, unflagging enthusiasm, and admirable ability to think (and act) out of the box. Thank you both - you can count on our full support from now on.

Warm regards,


Dear Ms Sahai,
I would like to thank you and your team for all the good work done at the festival.
As a writer, I was glad to see so many enthusiastic people in the audience. I was made to feel at home and there were almost no flaws in the delivery of hospitality.
Thank you again. I hope to be back next year.
Best wishes,
Jerry Pinto

Dear Nandini

Thank you and all the other organizers of the first edition of the Goa Arts and Literary Festival for inviting me to be a participant.

I hope this will be an annual event, and that it will grow to become an important landmark in the country's cultural calendar.

With warm regards

Saeed Mirza

Dear Nandiniji,

It was indeed a very memorable interdisciplinary event, the first of its kind in Goa. I congratulate you for successfully hosting this event. I also thank you for your largesse with which you gave me not so deserving credit and also for granting me the hospitality of the Centre.

With regards,

Bhai Mauzo